Evolution 3.0

Become a Lean Practice Coach



Evolve. Further. Faster. This is the 21st Century challenge. Become a Lean Practice Coach and transform your entire organisation and make all thrive.

Leadership. Leadership. Leadership. It’s the problem and the solution. How to do you build better leaders to take on this challenge? How do you scale lean practices across the entire organisation? This 3 +90 day programme shows you how through our unique approach. It builds capability through a deeper understanding of change and how to coach leaders. It then combines this with freeing up the capacity diving deep into personal blockers within our thinking. Through this greater awareness you create the ability of helping others see theirs.

Programme Details:

3 Day Workshop followed by a 90 Day Action plan. Digital peer led community to hold each other to account. Digital coaching from the Lean Practice to ensure learning transfer. x2 Coaching calls from the Lean Practice Head of Performance.

Learning Outcomes:

Following this intense, challenging and revealing, 3 day workshop plus 90 day support, you will be able to:

  • Scale lean practices across your business

  • Develop your leaders through coaching

  • Manage the transformation of people and process

  • Determine organisational defences blocking performance and be able to reduce them or minimise impact

  • Change the culture to one of learning and improvement

Who is it for:

The programme is designed for leaders who will be leading change/ transformation.


Completion of Evolution 2.0 - Lean Leader or another similar programme or evidence of leading change.



Unless otherwise stated all workshops will be held at the Lean Practice Academy, in York, YO19 4RH.

This programme is available in-house. Contact us for info.

Next Programme dates:

September 2019
November 2019


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