21st Century Leadership Challenge

Evolve. Further. Faster.

The Problem/Opportunity:

As the world becomes more complex, businesses are recognising the need to be able to respond better and faster. The need to continually evolve is known. Improvement and Innovation through people and process is key.

From our research and our client work we hve found there’s a major gap between the results their improvement interventions deliver and the results the organisation actually needs.

What we have found from working with many organisations and our research in the field is that there’s a major gap between the results their improvement interventions deliver and the results the organisation actually needs. We see organisations drive improvements with key change catalysts. Pockets of excellence emerge. Yet when focus shifts progress stops. Teams revert to old ways of working. Silos build, collaboration stops. The enterprise becomes misaligned. People become overwhelmed and overworked. Performance drops.

The Solution

Businesses need to overcome this 21st Century challenge. Business leaders need to foster deeper learning. They need to drive continuous improvement in every aspect within their organisation.

Some see this as a pure capability issue. We experience it's both a capability (knowledge and skill) and the capacity (the ability to apply that knowledge under pressure).

We have developed a set of leadership practices for all levels of leaders to adopt that tackles this knowledge vs doing gap head on.

Our Lean Practices are built on the concept of Lean and have been developed to embed best practice thinking and behaviour. Making these practices a habit will:

  • Expand thinking

  • Change conditioned behaviours

  • Unite the team behind a common purpose

  • Increase engagement and ownership around exploring new ways of working

  • Create the commitment and drive to raise performance

We offer three stages of development:


Foundation - Overview of the core fundamentals of lean practices

Creates independent thinking to make improvements and embrace new ways of working

Intermediate - Build the capability and capacity to implement lean practices in your organisation.

Creates leaders who will take action and make improvements stick within their teams.

Advanced - Builds the capability to develop and coach leaders within your organisation. To take on the challenge of scaling Lean across the enterprise.

Creates an enterprise mind giving the ability to lead across boundaries for the good of the organisation.



  1. Do you resonate with the problem statement?

  2. If so, have you thought about whether its a capability or a capacity issue, or both?

  3. What could you do to ensure your improvements actually change the cultural fabric of your organisation so that results last?

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