Uniting Teams

This involves generating a commitment to a higher purpose that team won’t be denied. Communication is key. Creating powerful messages that can spread like seeds of a dandelion and grow like giant sunflowers, is a tough gig. We help our clients by engaging the services of a Manchester based media company that is driven by doing good for organisations. We have worked with the Reward agency on our own internal and external marketing and highly recommend them to help create a unified team of committed talent.


It's getting harder to attract and retain talent in a competitive job market and it has never been more important to invest in your employer brand. Manchester based Reward work with brands to position you as the employer of choice in your space. They can can help you develop your company values, visual and verbal identity and make sure your communications are on brand to attract the very best talent in your area of business.

Mitchel White, Founder, Reward Agency



Exploring new ways of working

Choosing what you do and what you don’t do is the essence of Lean. Spend more time creating value, less time creating waste you will achieve more. How you do this, the way you conduct yourselves, your impact on others will either help you amplify being lean or inhibit you. We help our clients understand this, and at its root is the organisational culture, the way of being and acting inside the organisation. We use one of Manchesters hottest HR tech startups to help. Flock:


FLOCK is a robust assessment technology based on research from The University of Manchester. It measures company cultures based on employee responses. By using culture analytics it provides you with the following main outputs:

·      The financial value-add of your current organisational culture

·      Actionable plan design to increase your employee engagement, provide financial value-add, and execute your culture strategy

·      Detailed analysis of the existing and desired company culture

·      Recruitment for culture fit solution to maintain your high-performing work environment

FLOCK assessments can be used on a large scale to map out an organisational culture or within a team environment to see how motivations of each individual fit across a team. This ultimately helps the team or an organisation to quantify a vision moving forward to measure retrospectively how it fits with individual/departmental values and determine a relevant action plan to foster the holistic vision moving forward.

Flock provides insight for an organisation culture the same way Google Analytics does for marketing strategies.

Michal Wisniewski, CEO, Flock


Attack the opportunities around you

We build our clients capability and capacity to go out and take advantage of all the opportunities. We are able to increase our flexibility and responsiveness to our clients through our partnership with Spitfire Consulting. We are proud to work with Spitfire who have been leading lean transformations for major clients across the globe for over 20 years. Some of their clients include BAE, Red Bull Racing, Aston Martin. We both share the philosophy of performance through people and believe we can make businesses perform and increase the employee experience.