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Become Agile. Adaptive. Responsive.



The 21st Century Leadership Challenge

We help you take on this challenge and thrive.

Change is the only constant.

You either play catch up or you adapt and respond so you keep up.

The quicker you evolve the better.

This means transforming your leadership at a deeper level. It means going past the superficial layer of a new method or latest technique. It means you have to construct different levels of thinking and acting.

At Lean Practice we help you transform at this deeper level, so the changes you make stick. So the pockets of excellence in your organisation spread. So the reliance on experts ebbs away as internal capability and capacity flourishes.

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We have a passion for working in the Engineering and Manufacturing sectors. Sectors that are making a positive impact to our physical and economic environments.

That said our work spans many other sectors, working with clients who are doing good.

We are based in York and deliver work internationally.


Evolve. Further. Faster.

Change isn’t mandatory.

Nor is survival.